IMG_6656Synaesthetic – synesthesia and aesthetic, An interpretation of music told through fashion that highlights black culture and promotes healing.




Creating art like these films have helped me find freedom. Ive been wrestling with the idea of what freedom means for me and while it is a multitude of definitions they all come down to freedom from fear and the freedom to feel, things that hold me back from my full potential. While creating pieces like these I continue to push myself to grow and find that freedom. So I wanna ask yall to choose freedom today in whatever form that looks like for you an continue to!

(Special thanks to everyone who worked on this project, yall are all amazing artists and Im glad we got to work together!)




Model: Bami Aleshe

Camera: Aya Travick-Best

AD: Wanye’

Editor: Tenzin Sia

Designer/Director: Nyah Ginwright

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