ONCEONTHISISLAND (108 of 114)ONCEONTHISISLAND (106 of 114)ONCEONTHISISLAND (60 of 114)ONCEONTHISISLAND (37 of 114)ONCEONTHISISLAND (40 of 114)I recently costumed a play called Once on this Island. Once on this island is play the makes commentary on issues like colorism and socio economic status through telling a story about an island that is inhabited by both lighter skinned people and darker skinned people. The lighter skinned people are the rich landowners while the darker skinned people have to scrape for a living. Ti Moune is an orphan girl chosen by the gods for a special fate and saved for a special destiny by Asaka, mother of the Earth. Me and Mackenzie Mitchell started this process with research on Haitian culture and dress. I then began gathering fabric swatches and started patterning to build the costumes. Though it was only 2 of us making and designing the costumes we are very pleased and excited about the execution our creation.

Photographer: Sydney Cattouse

March 2019

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